Adopt a pet in Japan.

Shigure 3.5 months old (Jan. 25th. 2018) Male

He is very friendly. He is from Miyakojima Okinawa.
He likes to play whth people. He really wants a new home!

Adoption fees
Vaccinations 2 times : 12,000 yen
Food, sheets, medicine(Filaria prevention) : 3,000 yen
Transpotation from Miyakojima to Osaka : 7,000 yen
Total : 22,000 yen + transpotation to your house

There are too many dogs in Miyakojima Okinawa.
The dogs are more than the population.
So the volunteer group in Osaka is helping to finding a home for them.

If he get the vaccination 1 more time it would be + 6,000 yen.

Please save pets

If you are looking for a pet get a pet from here.

If you can't have a pet but would like to help you can donate money, food or pet's stuff.
Please contact me.

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