Adopt a pet in Japan.

Nikki 3.5 months old (Jan. 25th. 2018) Female

She is very friendly. She is from Miyakojima Okinawa.
She likes to play with people. She gets scared easily.
She really wants a new home!

Adoption fees
Vaccinations 1 time : 6,000 yen
Food, sheets, medicine(Filaria prevention) : 3,000 yen
Transpotation from Miyakojima to Osaka : 7,000 yen
Total : 16,000 yen + transpotation to your house

There are too many dogs in Miyakojima Okinawa.
The dogs are more than the population.
So the volunteer group in Osaka is helping to finding a home for them.

Please save pets

If you are looking for a pet get a pet from here.

If you can't have a pet but would like to help you can donate money, food or pet's stuff.
Please contact me.

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